How To Get The Most From Your Women's Western Wear

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How To Get The Most From Your Women's Western Wear

A true cowgirl needs more than her boots and country girl outfits; copper jewelry is the perfect finishing touch for a wide range of women’s western wear and ensembles. Check out our website or search for western stores near me to find brick-and-mortar retailers. Get the most from your piece of copper jewelry with these tips:


Pair it:

Copper pairs with virtually anything, so think outside the box when it comes to buying copper jewelry. Check out unique pieces like copper coin pendants, boot bracelets, and western-style hammered copper earrings; these are versatile items that will go with any of your country girl outfits or western wear.

 Highlight it:

Consider making copper jewelry your signature pieces that give others a peek at your distinct style. For instance, complement your women’s cowgirl boots with copper beaded boot bracelets. These can be worn on both boots, or you could choose to wear just one on the right or left boot. This dresses up jeans and gives you the perfect accent for your favorite women’s western wear, dresses, and jackets.



Clean it:

Copper looks best when you keep it clean. It develops a natural patina that gives the piece a vintage look but try cleaning the copper for a stunning accent that has a distinctive color. It is important to keep copper clean to protect the surface and prevent it from flaking. An easy way to clean your copper jewelry is to combine lemon juice with kosher salt, and leave the copper pieces in for a minute; rinse the jewelry and dry with a soft cloth for best results.

Take care of it:

True copper jewelry can cause a reaction among some wearers; the chemical compounds in the copper can leave a green tinge on the skin among those that are sensitive to this metal. The best way to take care of your copper- and keep your skin from turning green- is to use clear nail polish and paint the surface of the jewelry that comes in contact with your skin, i.e. the inside of a bracelet, the underside of a pendant, the back-side of a charm.

Additional style tips:

  • For a cool, spiritual accent, wear copper prayer capsule pendants with leather or hemp cords; look for western-style prayer capsules made from etched bullet casings.
  • If you buy hammered copper, it won’t tarnish as quickly. Also, the natural patina can give hammered pieces a distinctive look over time.
  • Check out copper coil jewelry, such as earrings, with natural stone beads, such as onyx or tourmaline.
  • Wine cork pendants are trending. These are a cool, modern alternative to a classic western bolo-tie.

Take care of your copper and check out some of the unique copper jewelry that will become a staple in your western wardrobe for years to come. Copper is versatile and looks perfect when paired with all your cowgirl apparel and country girl outfits! Visit vendors online that have to carry women’s western wear and women’s cowgirl boots for selections of copper jewelry items, and know that Partner’s Western Company is your go-to source for stylish copper jewelry- online or offline.  



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