Taking Care of your leathers: Tips for keeping them looking great!

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Taking Care of your leathers: Tips for keeping them looking great!

If shop at a western apparel store, you likely wear leather clothing. Leather is a durable and resilient choice for all your cowboy clothing, hats, and boots, found in any western apparel store or shop, which promises longevity and lots of wear. You will want to clean or freshen-up your leather clothing from time-to-time, and this western apparel should never be put in a sink or washing machine. Whether you are a cowboy looking for a fresh pair of boots or a cowgirl with a dirty leather jacket, take care of your leather apparel, hats, and boots so they can take care of you!

Some tips to keep your leather clothing, boots, and apparel looking great include:

Always treat before you wear.

When you buy your cowgirl or cowboy fashion clothing pieces, go ahead and shop for leather treatment spray or conditioner that the shop or store offers. These solutions will make your leather apparel water-resistant, so rain or moisture beads and doesn’t stain your clothing Any western apparel store, country retailer, or western shoppe will carry a suitable product for your wardrobe. Make sure that the clothing surface is dry and clean before treating and allow to fully-dry before wearing. 

Don’t dry-clean leather.

You can ruin the entire look of your cowboy clothing and western wear if you attempt to clean your own apparel.Furthermore, you can’t dry-clean leather goods, and this can actually darken, stain, or damage the surface of the item. Unless your dry-cleaning shop specifically offers leather or suede cleaning services, take your items to a reputable specialty store or cleaner in your area. Whether you are a cowboy or cowgirl, you may want to be careful of dry-cleaning clothing items like jeans, shirts, and hats, which may have leather accents. 



Remove stains from suede.

If you do happen to get a stain or spot on a suede jacket, your hats, or western clothing during wear, there is a way to safely lighten and camouflage the area. First, shop for a clean, white eraser, much like you would use in sketching or in school. Gently rub the spot and lightly brush the eraser crumbs away; the crumbs will often soak-up the moisture and make the spot far less visible on the clothing. Follow up with professional leather cleaning for all your suede clothing and western apparel, from jeans and shirts to boots and your hat!

Always take your prized western wear and clothing to a professional leather cleaning
service or western shoppe to ensure your cowboy or cowgirl fashion essentials look their best! From ranchers on-the-range to women in boots, keeping your leather clothing clean is the best way to maintain and preserve your favorite western items, as well as keep you from looking like an old gringo with soiled boots or a dirty hat!




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