Western Item that you need in your wardrobe

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Western Item that you need in your wardrobe

If you plan on visiting a western shop or website, it could be the perfect time to consider if you have everything that you need in your own western wardrobe. Invest in a few staple items that are easy to mix-and-match, and that have a distinctive, western flavor. Do you have what you need in your wardrobe?

Shop at a western apparel store online to find these cowboy fashion staples for your closet:

A great pair of boots. Every cowboy and cowgirl needs a great pair of boots, but which brand to buy? That depends on your personal preference and price. For instance, if you see an Ariat cowboy boots sale, buy those; if you see another brand of cowgirl boots on sale, try them out! Look for durable leather construction and quality craftsmanship for boots you will wear for a long time.

The right jewelry. You need some turquoise jewelry in your wardrobe, regardless of whether you are a cowboy or a cowgirl. Consider lots of sterling silver and turquoise rings and bolos, which suit both men and women and that make a distinct cowboy fashion statement. Turquoise can be worn with casual ensembles, or worn for a Bohemian accent with formal attire.

A sturdy belt. A belt can really bring an ensemble together, plus it creates a more flattering silhouette for all body types. Buy belts that are handcrafted and made of quality leather; consider both brass and silver-tone hardware for the most mix-and-match possibilities.

Super-comfortable jeans. Don’t forget about a super-comfortable pair of jeans; jeans fit practically any occasion and are versatile enough to wear almost anywhere. The fit is probably the most important aspect to consider when buying jeans, and make sure that you measure yourself precisely rather than estimate or guess sizes when ordering online. Also, opt for simple, classic- cut jeans in a regular wash for the most timeless and contemporary style.

A cute dress. Perhaps a ranch-hand or cowboy doesn’t need a cute cotton dress in their closet, but it is essential cowgirl apparel. Look for unique embroidered shifts in crisp, natural cotton for a dress that will stay in style for years to come. Wear the dress with your boots and hat when hitting the club, or pair with pumps and a cute bag for the office or school.

At least one versatile vest. A collared vest is a versatile wardrobe item that can be worn with a wide-range of apparel to create many different looks. For example, a cowgirl may choose to pair their vest with a textured sweater and jeans for casual occasions or wear it over a pencil skirt and tank for a dressy ensemble that works for more formal affairs.

A cowboy hat. The perfect finishing touch to any cowboy or cowgirl fashion ensemble is a hat. Buy wool or felt hats that can be easily cleaned, and choose basic or neutral colors that will meld with your other western apparel. It is also advisable to invest in both a dark and light-colored cowboy hat, which will give you lots of options in any season.

Search online for western wear stores near me, and look for those western shops with positive customer feedback and a promise of customer satisfaction. Make sure that you have the western pieces and apparel that you need in your wardrobe to bring out your inner cowboy and for the latest in cowgirl fashion.


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