Deer Heads Serinium Ring

Deer Heads Serinium Ring

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It is common for deer hunters to not want to wear a wedding ring after the wedding. But when they can wear their passion, they tend to think otherwise. This deer head ring is a perfect ring for an outdoorsmen. It looks rugged and manly, and is also super comfortable to wear with detailed deer heads all around it.


About the Deer Heads on this Ring

  • This deer wedding ring for men features a cool deer head pattern.
  • The design is laser engraved to show incredible detail.
  • The deer heads go around the entire outside of the ring and you have the choice -- deer antlers all up, or alternating up and down?
  • Deer head pattern goes around the entire ring, but rather than repeating the same design over and over, there is some great alternating patterns regardless of whether you choose antlers all up or up/down.

This  deer head engraved ring is 8 mm wide, the standard size for men's wedding bands and offers top choices in contemporary metals. Contemporary metals offer a hardness and appearance that are not available with traditional precious metals like gold or silver. These metals are ultra-hard which means they are more scratch resistant for a rugged lifestyle, more manly, hypoallergenic, non-tarnishing, and safe. And they are the hottest trending metals in the unique wedding bands because of these amazing properties.


Serinium® - a Brilliant White/Silver Heavier Deer Head Ring

  • Trademarked and patented fine jewelry metal
  • Known as The Precious Contemporary MetalTM
  • Most beautiful of all the contemporary metals
  • Bright white silver color just like the brilliant white color of white gold
  • Stronger than titanium or cobalt chrome and won't oxidize

Buy this ring if you:

  • Love hunting, the outdoors, and deer
  • Want a unique wedding ring with deer heads printed all around it
  • You want a ring that is made in the USA.


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